September 2011
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Where have you f@#king been!?

I can’t remember the last time I updated this website. I guess a lot has been going on.

Now where to start? I guess the big news is I’m only 47 days from getting married. I’m very excited. If you’ve met her you know how wonderful Amber is and how happy we are together. I feel very lucky that my life has turned around as it has. She accidentally fell into my life and quickly stole my heart.

Let’s see,I had another birthday. I’m not a fan of birthdays but have been unable to stop them from occurring yearly since I sprung from my mother’s uterus. My only birthday gift this year was a ribbon that said “It’s my birthday –Show me your TIT’s”. A wholly appropriate gift from a fan at the show.

Work is about the same. New boss. Same client. I need a change that challenges me,but like so many other Americans out there I’m happy to have a job right this moment. I’d still like to get back to California,but with the economy as it is,I doubt that’s happening anytime soon.

I haven’t picked a camera up much. Don’t know. I always go through times where I have trouble expressing myself in a meaningful way. I want to paint again but can’t think of what I want to do.

Still doing Rocky,but considering retiring. I don’t want to be the three million year old guy standing up there. I still put a good show on,but I’d like to leave on top of my game.

Summer was pretty hot here in Texas. But not as humid so I actually did pretty well. Except for the transformer blowing a fuse behind the house the air conditioner kept the house at a very comfortable 80 degrees. (Editor’s Note:When it’s 110 outside,80 is pretty comfortable.)

I’m thinking it’s time to reinvent myself. Don’t fall back on what I’ve always fallen back on. Take some risks. I have a woman that loves and supports me. I can do anything I want.