January 2011
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Epic show last night. Thank you Houston


Lot of fun. 


Things that make you grateful

You wouldn’t think it,but a flat tire can make you grateful.

I was driving up the freeway after taking Gus for a check up.  Good news he’s in good shape except for some hook worms.  On the way home,the car began to shake violently.  I had no idea what the hell it was.  When I pull over the back right tire was flat.  Texas has this road side assistance program where if you have a flat,then they will show up with a flat bed tow truck and get you off the freeway.  They’ll even change the tire for you. I didn’t even have time to think about getting out of the car and change the tire myself before a police officer had arrived and informed me he had called the tow truck.  A few minutes later the car was loaded up and they dropped Hope,Gus and I off at the local tire store.

This was all free of charge except for the cost of the new tires.

But after I paid I got in the car and drove around the back of the tire store to get Hope and Gus.  There they sat on Gus’new cushion for his crate.  I really have no clue what this relationship is,but I can tell you at that moment seeing the two of them waiting for me was the nicest thing in the world.

It’s nice not to be alone.


The saga of Gus

December 28th I took the day off work and spent the day doing errands with the girlfriend. As we were heading home she asked if we could visit the local SPCA so she could see the puppies.

Once we get there I really don’t want to go in because the homeless puppies make me sad. I was upset that it was the day I had been abandoned. Hope looked at me and smiled but I adopted you!

We wander the isles. A carcophony of barks from giant half breed canine sins against god filled the room.  I don’t see anything that moves my heart.

We passed a cage and like a tiny Hannibal Lecter sat a quiet dirty little schnauser. We eyed each other.

I read his paperwork. Seems he was abandoned by his family December 27th. I was abandoned December 28th one year ago.  So I understood his fear and confusion,we’re kindred spirits.

I looked down again and his little nub tail wagged. I put my hand under the cage and he came forward to sniff it.

I was done.

Hope got him for my Christmas,Kwanza,Hanukkah present and he’s quickly become part of our family here.

I’m grateful to Hope for inviting me to take a risk. It’s nice to have a dog again.


New addition


Got a dog. We’re calling him Gus.


This about says it all . . . Welcome to my new blog.