January 2018

A Rolling Stone Sunday

Went out to see Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas last night. A fun film save the next to last scene with the poor waitress that turns the film into a downer. 

The drive home I put on some Rolling Stones. Nice mellow music but still rock n roll.

Sunday was nice. I cleaned while listening to the Stones,cleaning has become my habit as cleaning keeps me from spending money on silly things.

Cleaning I realize how often my ex must have battled dust in our home. Seems like just last week I swept up the house and here I am sweeping enough dog hair to make a new dog. The odd thing,I think a lot of that hair still belongs to Nick and Nora who I haven’t seen since last April.

I miss Nick and Nora but I’m glad they’re with their mother.  Nick was an especially fine dog and Nora was a lovable grump.  My very own Gus is a lovable lout who likes to lay on the sofa with me and watch hockey. Despite his short fur he still manages to drag a lot of dirt into the house.

Sunday has become shopping day.  I go to Sam’s Club and buy my food for the week. This week I again BBQ’d four chicken breasts and some beef for meals.  I’ve been enjoying taking my own meals and besides saving money I seem to be losing weight. It doesn’t hurt that I’m cutting out the sodas at lunch.

All and all it has been a good day. I got some things done,played some xbox and talked with some friends. All and all I’m pretty lucky.

I wish I had something more profound to say here. I’m just rambling. I’m getting used to the empty house. I guess its the emptiness in my heart that’s going to take longer to get used to.

Good night my loved ones.


Cheese and Garlic

Funny the things you think of. I was having a conversation about Buddhism with a friend and Tassajara came up.

I have been there once. It was one of the best vacations I’ve ever been on.

But what stood out most was the lunches we would pack. Slices of cheese and bread with garlic in oil.  We would eat these wonderful morsels as we soaked in the river.

I never realized that even today I still eat that simple meal with great delight,I think in part,because it was such a wonderful time in my life.