February 2018

So long and good luck Mathew.


Honeymoon:Day 9 –Panama Beach –Finally A Beach!

Our last day on the road was spent on a very deserted beach in Florida.  A just perfect ending to a wonderful trip!


Honeymoon:Day 8 –St. Petersburg Florida –Dali!

The next day we drove two hours south so my bride could see the Dali Museum.  If you have a chance to see it I would seriously recommend it,I wasn’t a fan before the visit,but I’m a fan now!  Here’s the bride with a mustache she bought for a friend!


Honeymoon:Day 7 –Magic Kingdom

Disney had put up most of the Christmas decorations while we were there.


Honeymoon:Day 6 –Magic Kingdom


Honeymoon:Day 5 –Hollywood Disney

I really liked this park.  It was all the best parts of Hollywood without the homelessness and driving.  Good BBQ as well.  Tower of Terror was not as terrifying as I had hoped.  I’ve had rougher rides on freight elevators.  The Aerosmith Rock N Roll Coaster was pretty good,but it need to have a a drug rehab section.


Honeymoon:Day 4 –Animal Kingdom and Epcot

Animal Kingdom was pretty freaking cool.  This roller coaster being a extreme highpoint!


Later that night we went to EPCOT.


Honeymoon:Day 3 –The Promised Land

We reach the promised land!


Honeymoon:Day 2 –On the Road to Orlando

A very long drive today.  Very long.


Honeymoon:Day 1 –New Orleans

We made off the next day for New Orleans!  An excellent trip for the first day.  Not that far and we got to go enjoy dinner and have some fun before the long drive to Orlando.

New Orleans